Alluminium titanate

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State-Of-The-Art Foundry Ceramics

The extreme conditions in the non ferrous metal processing world require specialised materials. Unlike ordinary and conventional materials, our range of materials (ATI, ALUTIT and Al2TiO5) is able to withstand extreme foundry conditions, such as:
heavy-duty operation, temperatures up to a maximum of 1000° and with temperature variations up to hundreds of degrees.

Aluminium titanate is famous for its non-wettability on contact with aluminium and considerable resistance to thermal shock.

ALUTIT is the ideal choice for Aluminium foundries; its outstanding resistance to chemical and abrasion also guarantees absolutely no “invasion” of the metal.


Aluminium Titanate is a versatile material tried and tested in the foundry

Aluminium Titanium is used for the manufacture of low pressure stalk tubes up to 1.75 metres long and furnace feeder pipes, as well as nozzles, rings and many other items.


trattamento metallurgico
trattamento metallurgico
trattamento metallurgico

Excellent thermal shock resistance 0 – 1000
Very low thermal expansion (<1×10⁻⁶K⁻¹ between 20° and 600°)
Excellent thermal insulation (1.5 W/mK)
BLow Young’s modulus (17 to 20GPa)
Good chemical resistance
Low wettability on contact with the metal

Rings for the continuous casting of brass
Uprights and inserts for dies and equipment
Furnace feeder pipes
Bushes and bush holders for dies and equipment
Insulating rings
Nozzles, sliding plates and stoppers
Low pressure stalk tubes

We are able to optimise individual requests to the customer’s specifications.

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