Shot sleeves and rods, rings, nozzles

since 1982...

We produce any type of shot sleeves for die-casting presses from 80 to 4200 tons – traditional, one-piece and thermoregulated on request– built with steels suitable for high-temperature processes, heat treated for durability. Thermoregulation slows down the shot sleeve’s rate of wear by reducing thermal shocks, and maintains the steel’s structure intact, preventing ovalization. The range of cold chamber spare parts is completed by outlet ports of various sizes, hardened and nitrided steel plungers, steel plungers with nickel-chrome coatings, and case-hardened plungers’ rods – one-piece or composite with shank. We specialize in the production of large-sized shot sleeves.

As well as producing new spare parts, we are also able to perform regeneration and repair operations on:

  • siphon tubes for zamak and magnesium, with replacement of all components worn by the die-casting process (plunger lining, spout bushing and conduit plugs)
  • widening, grinding and surface treatment repair on small and large shot sleeves.

On request, products can be provided with steel and heat treatment analysis certificates.

trattamento metallurgico
trattamento metallurgico
trattamento metallurgico
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