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Fluxes for Drossing, Covering and Cleaning Aluminium Alloys

Fluxes are suitable for covering, cleaning and drossing applications in aluminium foundries. They reduce oxide formation and build-up on furnace walls, help to remove non-metallics from the melt, reduce the aluminium content of dross and facilitate removal of dross.

Fluxes are supplied in granular or powder form.

A wide range of fluxes are available in powder and granular form for manual or through degassing machine application. Granular products are dust free and more effective than powder fluxes, allowing addition rates to be reduced.

Cleaning fluxes are designed to remove non-metallics from the melt by trapping the oxides particles as they float out.

Covering and drossing fluxes are used to form a molten layer to protect the melt from oxidation and hydrogen pick-up. They agglomerate the oxides and non-metallic materials from the melt, cleaning the melt and forming a good metal-free dross which can easily be removed.

trattamento metallurgico
trattamento metallurgico

Covering / deoxidizers and modifiers

FOUNDRY SCOR S Application of a protective covering of FOUNDRY SCOR S to aluminium alloy baths considerably reduces dross formation. Final drossing-off produces powdery dross with low metallic aluminium content, easily removed from the bath.

FLUSSUM 661 G is a new granulated flux suitable for all types of Aluminium alloys with This flux is particularly recommended for Aluminium alloys melted in reverberatory (Cast House). It has been specially developed to be environmentally friendly. It is dust free in use and emits low fume during application. Regular use will maintain the furnace in a clean condition free from build-up thus preserving optimum capacity and melting rate.

FOUNDRY SCOR G the use of this product at regular intervals, for example after each time holding furnaces are topped up with “fresh” metal from the melting furnaces, will keep baths of aluminium alloys for low temperature casting in die-casting foundries clean. It reduces the build-up of oxides on the sides of the crucible or furnace and the risk of inclusions in castings. It gives dry dross with low metal content.

FOUNDRY SCOR 8 The flux reacts with the aluminium to develop an exothermic reaction that releases some of the aluminium trapped in the deposits that build up on the hearth of the furnace and facilitates their mechanical removal.

FLUX AL 113 (ECOSAL AL 113) For the treatment of baths in melting, holding or crucible furnaces. For cleaning, covering or drossing-off, the product is spread over the surface of the metal or mixed into it. The drossing-off treatment allows dross to be removed easily without loss of metal. The cleaning process reduces the level of impurities in the metal by gathering them together and conveying them into the dross.

The covering treatment creates a barrier on the surface of the metal to prevent re-oxygenation and the entry of hydrogen. Low Sodium and Calcium content.

FLUX AL 118 (ECOSAL AL 118)Treatment with Flux Al 118 provides intensive cleaning of the molten metal, removing any oxides and non-metallic inclusions present. It allows the production of dry dross with low metal content. It protects the molten metal from further oxidation.


Degassing tablets for aluminium and aluminium alloys

FOUNDRY DEG ECO  Use of this produce removes dissolved hydrogen and suspended oxides from the molten metal. After degassing the dross is powdery, with low metal content, and easily removed.

FOUNDRY DEG SF  Use of this produce removes dissolved hydrogen and suspended oxides from the molten metal. After degassing the dross is powdery, with low metal content, and easily removed.
Self-sinking product


Grain Refiners for Aluminium Alloys

The grain refining treatment improves the self-supply of the castings during solidification, their resistance to pressure, the response to surface treatments such as polishing and anodizing.

FOUNDRY AFF 12 Grain refining tablets, without sodium, indicated for aluminium and aluminium alloys.

COVERAL MTS 1582 is a sodium free grain refining flux, specially developed to be used with degassing machine.

TIBORAL 6  is a grain refiner based on titanium – boron, which releases fine dispersed highly efficient nuclei directly in the melt. It is applicable for aluminium and aluminium alloys except eutectic and hyper- eutectic alloys.

NUCLEANT 70 SS  is a sodium free grain refining tablet suitable for aluminium and aluminium alloys. Is a self-sinking version that requires no plunging.

ELDUCTAL 90 S is a titanium free grain refining tablet and is particularly recommended for high-conductivity aluminium where the presence of titanium has a deleterious effect on electrical conductivity.

PHOSPHORAL L 12  is a grain refining tablet for eutectic and hypereutectic AlSi alloys that are typically used for pistons.


Modifiers for Aluminium Alloys

Sodium releasing fluxes

FOUNDRY MOD. A/B  Used for modifying Al/Si 7-13% alloys for shell casting. Treatment temperature 720-750°C. Rate of use of 0.5-1% depending on the Si content and cross-section of the castings.

SODIUM IN TABLETS Securely sealed grey aluminium capsules containing solid metallic sodium. FOUNDRY Na reacts violently with water to give off hydrogen, a flammable gas which forms explosive mixtures with air. The solution is strongly alkaline. The product is used in foundries for modifying Al/Si alloys.

SIMODAL  tablets are available for standard application and for use in combination with degassing machine.


Treatment Products for Copper Alloys

Fluxes for cleaning, remelting and element removal.

FOUNDRY BRASS 5  Used for cleaning and drossing-off ordinary brass baths to produce shell castings and ingots. Percentage of use: 0.2% – 0.3% by weight of the metal.

FOUNDRY BRASS M4 Foundrybrass M4 allows the effective removal of alumina and non-metallic inclusions from the molten metal. It reduces oxidation, gas absorption and melting losses.

CUPREX 1 tablets and RAFFINATOR 91 powder are cleaning agents with a vigorous oxidizing action for high-conductivity or commercial copper, red brass and bronzes used in sand or die casting.

RECUPEX 120 is a neutral cleaning powder for brass used in sand casting and is particularly suitable for use with scrap which has been contaminated with oil.

ELIMINALU 8 is a highly oxidizing agent for cleaning and removing aluminium contamination from copper alloys. It is not suitable for aluminium bronzes and only to a certain extent for manganese or silicium bronzes.

Covering fluxes

CUPREX fluxes are a range of covering agents for copper alloys that provide the melt with oxidizing conditions.
CUPRIT cover powders are designed for copper and copper alloys melted under neutral conditions.
ALBRAL are reducing cleaning and covering fluxes for aluminium bronzes and special brasses containing alloying elements that are prone to oxidation.
Products for purging/degassing and homogenizing copper melts
LOGAS 50 rings are used for plunging into copper and copper alloys to remove dissolved hydrogen and float out oxides.

Deoxidation tubes

DEOX TUBES are individual copper tubes containing a variety of reagents and are specially designed to remove dissolved oxygen formed during the melting process. Tubes are available for all types of copper-based alloys, thermal and electrical conductivity of the alloys are not affected.

Slag coagulants

SLAX 20 SLAX 20 is a coagulant used for positive slag control on all copper alloys.

Specialty fluxes for electric and induction furnaces

ELEKTRO are covering and cleaning agents for all copper alloys melted in electrically heated or induction furnaces.

Treatment Products for Magnesium and Zinc Alloys

Cleaning and drossing fluxes for zinc alloys
FOUNDRY SCOR ZN  Dry dross drossing-off and deoxidizing flux for Zinc alloys for high pressure casting.

FOUNDRY SCOR ZAMA T  Foundry Zama T is used to reduce the volume of the dross that tends to accumulate on baths of zamac alloys held in holding furnaces to produce die-cast castings.

MAGREX 60 is a universal covering, cleaning and drossing flux for magnesium and magnesium alloys. It can also be used for remelting or recycling of magnesium scrap.

Grain refiners for magnesium alloys

NUCLEANT 5000, is universally applicable for magnesium and magnesium alloys. It is introduced into the melt in powder form releasing very fine graphite particles in the melt. They are instantly active as finely dispersed nuclei directly in the melt.

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