Technical textiles and gaskets

since 1982...

We are able to obtain Technical Textiles for thermal insulation and for high temperature static seals: Ropes, Braids, Sleeves, Belts, Fabrics, Insulating Articles, Expansion Joints. We also distribute a vast range of Industrial Gaskets to provide static and dynamic sealing: Special Braids, Sheets and Graphite and Asbestos-Free Gaskets, special gaskets and industrial technical articles. We distribute various Insulating and Refractory products for high temperatures: Mineral Fibre Board, Blankets, Ceramic Fibre and Environment-Friendly Papers, Vermiculite Sheets and Products, high temperature Glues and Fillers, and Glass Fibre and Rock Wool Insulating Materials.

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The main aim as always been to supply products/machinery/technologies and consulting in order to satisfy all the requirements of the customers.