Colloidal graphite in water lubricant.


Aquadag 18% is a specific type of dispersion of colloidal graphite in water, which combines exceptionally fine particles (most are below one micron in size) with the capacity to form a graphite film on a vast range of materials.
These fine films of Aquadag 18% adapt to the tiniest detail of the surface and adhere to it firmly; they form quickly on both hot and cold surfaces to provide all the benefits of graphite:
lubrication, non-stick effect, electrical conductivity, blackening capacity.
In the concentrated state, Aquadag 18% is a very stable colloidal gel containing small amounts of ammonium (which protects the dispersion). When diluted, Aquadag 18% is used on a large scale as a lubricant in foundry and metal moulding operations, as an electrically conductive coating or for impregnation.

Typical Uses:
Pretreatment of moulds, die plates and dies for metal moulding and foundry operations.
Lubricant for dies for forging ferrous and non-ferrous alloys and high-alloy special alloys.
Lubricant for foundry shells and moulds.
Lubricant for the hot drawing of tungsten and molybdenum wire.

Drum of 23 kg.

Colloidal graphite in water lubricant...