Degassing systems on wheels.


Unlike other degassing systems, which always require the use of forklifts or cranes, these units are completely self-contained. Lance raising and lowering is automatic and the cast iron front and swivel rear wheels ensure smooth travel and agility allowing use even in tight spaces.
The system is built for heavy-duty service in the foundry: not only the electrics but also the pneumatic equipment is enclosed in a special airtight metal cabinet, to give components the utmost protection from the aggressive atmosphere in the foundry.
The characteristic parameters of the degassing cycle, such as the gas flow rate, time and lance rotation speed are easily adjusted; once these parameters have been adapted to the production cycle, the user just presses the cycle start button to begin the treatment, with no need for any further operator intervention.


  • Lower consumption.
  • Highly flexible operation.
  • Excellent diffusion of salts in the bath.
  • Complete customisation of treatment cycles.


Degassing systems on wheels...