Pulvegraph D 31/A is an aerosol presentation based on pure and low friction lamellar graphite, providing heat resistant and lubricating coatings at temperatures up to 1000°C and beyond. Pulvegraph D 31/A is a heat resistant varnish which polymerises at ambient temperature, and has a good covering power (about 7 m2/spray can).
Pulvegraph D 31/A is applied in any case where release properties have to be improved and the friction effects reduced in operating temperatures up to 1000°C.




– GLASWORKS: coating of the deflectors in bottle production as well as moulds treatment before use.
– FOUNDRY: · pretreatment of the surfaces of metallic moulds and pins · dry film lubrication in gravity die casting · pretreatment of surface on plungers of pressure die casting machines.
– FORGING: · pretreatment of dies before use in the forging process · forging of titanium and alloys.
– VARIOUS: chains and moving parts of ovens.

Pulvegraph D 31/A is an aerosol presentation, indispensible for this type of composition, which provides lubricating and heat resistant films on any surface and at any temperature. At ambient temperature, the coating polymerises within 15 minutes and, at operating temperatures there is further hardening of the film which improves its refractory properties. For example, a 0,3 mg/cm2 coating with a 3μ thickness loses no weight after an exposure during 1/2 hour at 600°C or lasts for 3 minutes at 900°C. After a light curing at 100°C the film becomes completely insoluble in normal solvents and obtains maximal resistance to abrasion. Generally, all the properties of the film: resistance against heat, abrasion, washing by any liquid and wear are improved with increase of surface temperature.

400 ml Aerosol.

Pulvegraph D 31/A is an aerosol presentation...