Coarse grain insulating coating.



BONDERITE L-CA CG 535 is a coarse particle size, water based die dressing for use in gravity and low pressure die casting.
Is one of the series of insulating coatings which have been developed to provide a range of controlled chilling rates; is a fairly high insulating product.
It provides a tenacious long lasting coating which prevents too rapid chilling of the molten metal to facilitate the production of high quality castings.
Bonderite L-CA CG-535 is particularly suitable for application to areas of the mould where a low cooling rate and/or high metalflow speeds are required.

Bonderite L-CA CG-535 should be applied to die surfaces thoroughly cleaned of dirt, oil, grease and previous coatings. Light sandblasting is ideal, but wire brushing may be sufficient to free the surface of contamination.
To achieve uniform, long-lasting coatings, the diluted material should be spray applied to die surfaces pre-heated to between 150°C and 180°C.
Several lighter coats dried between each application are preferable to one heavy coat. Coatings can be touched up at normal die working temperatures. Spillages should be removed with absorbent material. Wash the area well with water and dry off to avoid slippages. Bulk material should be disposed of according to local authority regulations or via an approved waste disposal company.
Drums weight 20 kg and cans of 5 kg.

Coarse grain insulating coating...