Very fine colloidal graphite in mineral oil.


The graphite particles remain in suspension for long periods; they do not block pipes or ducts in lubrication devices and easily pass through oil filters. Oildag EU has been specifically developed for lubrication in extreme conditions. If used continually, it forms a graphite film on the parts subject to friction, reducing the surface tension between the oil and the metal so that the oil is distributed more quickly and easily; the oil film also reforms more quickly if interrupted. When no oil is present, the graphite film acts as a dry lubricant, preventing metal-on-metal contact. It withstands high temperatures and works as a lubricant up to 600°C.

It increases the load capacity of oils.
It reduces wear.
It remains stable at high temperatures.
It prevents scoring or seizing.
It forms thin, smooth coatings of graphite on hot surfaces.
It facilitates release and separation at high temperatures.
Suitable for passage along narrow pipelines and through filters.
It allows smooth sliding with no jamming.
It extends service lubrication intervals.
It reduces maintenance costs.
An effective lubricant for all metal surfaces and an alternative to chemical additives.

Drums weight 25 kg or 190 kg, tank 950 kg.

Very fine colloidal graphite in mineral oil...