Hot die-casting for brass.


Gredag YA consists of colloidal graphite incorporate in a special blend of lubricating products.
Gredag YA has been developed for die lubrication in the hot processing of brass and aluminium. It has excellent lubricating and release properties.
Although this product has basically been formulated for pressing brass, it is also used for other processes such as the hot pressing of aluminium and the drawing of non-ferrous metals.

The use of Gredag YA provides the following benefits:

Inexpensive to use, in view of the small amount of product required.
Excellent lubricating properties, allowing easy filling of the mould.
Excellent release properties.
Elimination of down-times due to difficulties in removing the piece.
Dies can be lubricated even at very high temperatures.
Low rate of fume emission.
Longer die lifetime.

Drums weight 23 kg.

Hot die-casting for brass...